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Eduevents Management coordinates and promotes training & workshops of contemporary discovery to engage and stimulate educators, therapists, counsellors, parents and leaders, with new concepts for the improvement of young people and adults learning and well-being.

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Are you a Teacher, Social Worker, Health Professional, Parent or someone other looking to gain the skills to make an impact in others' lives?

EDUevents Management supports courses to provide like-minded people with practical skills & training to pass on to children & adults to develop their own social interactions, relationships & life more effectively.

We have a range of courses, each unique with its strengths, techniques and goals but all with the same end target of MAKING 

A DIFFERENCE by empowering others. 

Browse our available courses near you or fill out the form below to enquire directly with our team.



Training includes a 2 day workshop (from $590.00 inc GST)

From the creator of DRUMBEAT, Rhythm2Recovery offers rhythmic activities for working with people who may be resistant to talk based therapies. This training presents the Rhythym2Recovery model for engaging people in fun based rhythmic exercise, linked to a wide range of presenting life challenges, it is fund and practical and includes over 120 new exercise and 52 session cards for groups and individuals, that link rhythmic music movement and voice to themes of health and wellbeing.

 This training is flexible, fun and effective, with a particular focus on engagement and empowerment. Rhythm2Recovery has proved to be effective in many leading agencies in youth services, health services, schools, special needs, child protection, mental health, drug and alcohol, aged care, Aboriginal health, refugee trauma and corporate services.

Working with rhythm stems from an understanding of the way in which music impacts the brain to support human bonding, improve learning retention and increase emotional regulation. No previous music skills are required. 

“More than anything else I was looking for a course that could deliver social understanding, self-confidence and empowerment for my students and this course delivered 10/10.” - Kylie Bishop, Bold Park Community School

Rhythm2Recovery training are endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority.


& Water Training QLD

Training includes 2 or 3 day workshops (from $615.00 - $820.00 inc GST)

The Rock & Water Program engages participants with skills for physical- social teaching with a focus on body awareness, emotional awareness and social awareness. Rock & Water is a program which reduces bullying, increases self-control and enhances social and communication skills in participants. 

 Each participant undertakes a journey of self-awareness as they develop skills to respond to life with either a solid "rock" or a fluid "water" attitude. 

 The program provides the required tools for young people to find their grounding, learn how to centre themselves and how to manage social situations appropriately. 

 The course focus includes: body language, intuition, mental strength, empathetic feeling, positive feeling, positive thinking and positive visualisation. Discussion topics include bullying, sexual harassment, life goals,homophobia, desires and following an inner compass.

“This is the best professional development I have ever done, I can’t wait to implement the program at my school.” - Teacher, Cairns Training 2012


& Water Central

(WA, NT, VIC & SA)

Training includes 2 – 3 day workshop (from $615.00 - $820.00 inc GST)

The Rock & Water Program engages participants with skills for physical-social teaching with a focus on body awareness, emotional awareness and social awareness. Rock & Water Program is an experience that provides young people and adults a pathway to self-awareness, and increased self-confidence and social functioning. 

Each participant undergoes a journey of self-awareness as they learn about responding to life with either a solid "rock" or a fluid "water" attitude. 

The program provides excellent tools to support young people find their grounding, learn how to centre themselves and how to self-manage socially.

The main areas of focus covered include: intuition, body language, mental strength, empathetic feeling, positive feeling, positive thinking and positive visualisation. Discussion topics include bullying, sexual harassment, homophobia, life goals, desires and following an inner compass. 

"The best PD I've ever been on. 10 out of 10, no 12 out of 10.. Fabulous."

Max Sneddon, teacher Richmond Primary

Restorative Works

Training includes either 2 or 4 day workshop (from $715.00 - $1265.00 inc GST)

Build stronger, more connected communities, increase social capital, reduce the impact of crime, repair harm and restore relationships. 

Restorative Works training recognises that the ability to manage relationships is central to lifelong learning and success. The Socratic Method (asking questions) encourages self-reflection, creates the space to be heard and challenges negative behaviour in the context of its impact on others. This process cultivates the capacity to build and maintain significant relationships.

Restorative Works professional development will provide you with practical skills that you can use immediately in your personal and professional life, whether you work in justice, schools, social services, counselling, leadership or as a volunteer. 

“Thanks so much for the amazing training you delivered. I had the best time and learnt so much. I feel now that I can start to deliver better programs and in turn have better outcomes for the young people I work with.”


Training includes 2 day workshop with workbook and certificate (from $660 including GST)

Have you ever wondered why you can relate easily to some people and not to others? Do some people display behaviours that you find annoying and frustrating, whilst others seem to act like model citizens? Why is it that some students learn easily and respond to information and instructions and others not? The answer is simple: People approach work, life and learning differently because they are different! 

Individualised Learning and Teaching using AusIDentities is just one of the applications of the program, which provides rich a framework for understanding why people act and think the way they do. By linking patterns of behaviour to the characteristics of four well-known Australian Animals; the Eagle, the Dolphin, the Kangaroo and the Wombat, you are able to understand the motivations behind people’s behaviour, even to the point of predicting ahead of time the impact of the way you lead or teach is likely to have on others.

This fun and interactive 2-day workshop is designed to give you a working knowledge of the different types, including their unique communication styles, along with practical strategies you can start using straight away. Principals and teachers especially benefit, although in reality anyone who is a manager of a team, a trainer or coach or a parent will find the program both useful and enlightening. 

“I LOVE THIS STUFF! I've already had another request from different staff member to 'introduce the animals' to her kids.”  - Wendy Holcombe - Teacher

Mindfulness Matters

Training includes 2-day workshop (from $669.00)

All Mindfulness Matters training courses are endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

Mindfulness and Compassion training is designed to provide teachers, social & health professionals with techniques to develop their own mindfulness toolkit, along with the chance to do syllabus training to teach children the age-related skills.

This has been identified as an effective approach for flourishing, wellbeing and for both preventing, and responding to, stress, anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness Matters Australia develops and delivers an educational spiralling mindfulness and compassion curriculum for teachers and children aged 4-18 years old, based on the well- researched Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). 

“I always knew it was important to reduce stress, but knowing how to do it and having my mindfulness toolkit has transformed my life.” Ann, Melbourne



Steven Teacher

- Brisbane Training 2014

“The 3 day Rock & Water workshop was amazing, the ability to use control and movement to actually find out what boys are actually feeling and thinking. I can see a lot of value in this program with a number of students who may not be aware of boundaries. I can also see how to adapt this program in daily class routine and classroom management. The 3 day workshop has helped me personally to become aware of the vital role I play as a teacher, father and male role model. Well done and thank you.”

Anne-Marie Blacow, Senior Social Worker, Relationships Australia.

“The Rythym2Recovery training was exceptional & will certainly aid my work with groups, families and individuals. Expressive, powerful & engaging training- I was one of those sceptics who couldn’t see the worth of drumming in therapy – how wrong I was – the links through metaphor were so clear and practical & the tool (the drum) itself was so engaging – an amazing experience.”

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