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From the Developer of The DRUMBEAT Program comes an extended model for working with Rhythm in therapeutic and educational settings.


Simon Faulkner is the Director at Rhythm2Recovery.  They work with rhythm stems from an understanding of the way in which music impacts the brain. The ability of music to engage our emotions is well known – we can be calmed, excited, disturbed, disorientated, even enraged by music and one trip to the cinema will showcase how all these feelings and more can be engaged and sometimes manipulated by the musical score. (this is not a DRUMBEAT program).


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Restorative Works


Build stronger, more connected communities, increase social capital, reduce the impact of crime, repair harm and restore relationships.  Restorative Works training recognises that the ability to manage relationships is central to lifelong learning and success.  The Socratic Method (asking questions) encourages self-reflection, creates the space to be heard and challenges negative behaviour in the context of its impact on others.  This process cultivates the capacity to build and maintain significant relationships.

Restorative Works professional development will provide you with the practical skills that you can use immediately in your personal and professional life, whether you work injustice, schools, social service, counselling. leadership or as a volunteer.


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Rock and Water Training QLD – Queensland


Rock and Water Queensland are the providers of the Rock and Water in Queensland. Master Instructor, Carl Marshall delivers a number of workshops per year.


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Rock and Water Central – WA | SA | NT |VIC  are the providers of the Rock and Water Program in Northern Territory, Victoria, and South Australia. For further details and current workshop dates please visit Rock and Water Central.


The Rock & Water Program is well known throughout school education systems around the world since it was written in the mid 1990’s.  The Program is founded on a psycho-physical framework and has aspects of key philosophies such as brain gym, mindfulness and the philosophies of the “Rock & Water Program” developed by Dutch Educationalist, Freerk Ykema.


The Rock & Water Program has demonstrated its ability to:


  • Teach centering and grounding techniques to adults, children and young people that create better teachers and more effective learners.
  • Teach ‘self-respect’ and ‘respect to others’ as a concept that provides the foundation for shared learning and connecting opportunities.
  • Build socially safe school environments.
  • Provide a framework for teaching social skills and life skills for children, young people and adults.
  • Provide a common language for adults who perform supporting roles for children and young people.
  • Student-to-student improved relationships with adults to adults and adult to students
  • Create a positive program approach with implicit approaches that provide explicit learning opportunities.


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Aus IDentities


Aus IDentities is a uniquely Australian approach to personality profiling that is fun, effective and easy to apply.  It works by linking people’s innate behavioural traits to the characteristics of four well-known Australian animals.  People of all ages from all works of life will benefit from a great awareness and understanding of these different approaches to work, life and learning. 


Have you ever wondered why you can relate easily to some people and not to others? Do some people display behaviours that you find annoying and frustrating, whilst others seem to act like model citizens?  Why is that some students learn easily and respond to information and instructions and other not? The answer is simple: People approach work, life and learning differently because they are different!


Individualised Learning and Teaching using Aus IDentities is just one of the applications of the program, which provides a rich framework for understanding why people act and think the way they do.

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