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EDUevents puts the perfect pieces together for your stress-free events

Michelle Gifford recently launched EDUevents – an event management company based in Mandurah, Western Australia. We are available for events and administration in Mandurah, Rockingham and marketing/promotion and coordination of workshops and tours throughout Australia.

Michelle has extensive experience in organising corporate and educational training workshops, national tours, conference, promotion, marketing, development and administration.

Services available:  Virtual Administration, Workshop, Training Coordination and Development, Conferences, Promotion and Marketing, development of flyers, brochures, branding, conference.

With over 15 years’ experience in Events Management and over 25 years’ experience in Administration, Michelle has coordinated over 500 workshops in Australia and New Zealand and 12 major conferences.


EDUevents can provide support to your current event team.  We can fit in with you current action plan and help you where help is needed.  We are flexible and have the necessary skills to assist your team.  Examples: virtual administration, registration collection and confirmation, promotion and marketing, research to help reach your targeted audience, on-site event assistance, setting in place your audio visual requirements.    We can meet you requirement needs.

EDUevents puts the perfect pieces together for your stress-free events, helps you reach your goals and deliver a fantastic event.

Virtual Administration

No matter what your job is, EDUevents can help.  Michelle has over 25 years’ experience in administration and office management.   Contact Michelle to see how she can help you with your administration roles.  This can be done on an hourly basis or a weekly contract.

To name a few roles, EDuevents can help you manage your email enquires; complete research, invoice your clients and manage payments, email your newsletters, conduct mail outs, update your website and design, send professional marketing emails, budgeting.

Workshops and Training

Michelle is currently working closely with Edu Solutions, Rock and Water Central, Rock and Water Queensland and Rhythm2Recovery Program in marketing and coordinating Australia wide.

Michelle has been associated with the Rock and Water Program since 1999 and has helped develop and coordinate the program within Australia and Asia Pacific.   Michelle has also been involved with the DRUMBEAT program, Results Based Accountability, Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) workshops.

EDUevents can help you develop your program, market, promote, research targeted audience, set up and collect registrations, design and send professional marketing emails, help with branding ideas and organise the development of promotional flyers and emails.

Conferences/Event Management

Event Managers plan and deliver your event.  Our team can manage and help develop your program, keynote speakers, break out session, promotional material, audio visual, catering, accommodation, logistics, budgeting, negotiations with service providers, onsite event management, registration and post evaluation of your event. EDUevents puts the perfect pieces together for your stress-free events.

Commitment to our Clients

EDUevents believes the key to successful events and administration is communication.  We will endevor to meet all your needs and work with you closely to put the perfect pieces together for your stress-free event or administration.   We will continue to grow our networks and build relationships within the community ensuring we provide you with a cost effective and an excellent service.

Michelle Gifford

Michelle started in the event industry when she was working for the Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle.  She has a Diploma in Management and has completed numerous courses in Event Management including Executive Certificate in Meeting and Events Australia (MEA). With over 12 years’ experience in Events Management and over 25 years’ experience in Administration, Michelle has coordinated over 500 workshops in Australia and New Zealand and 12 conferences

Past events whilst working at the Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle include:

  • Rock and Water Program National Tours, 2000 – 2012, Gadaku Institute,NL
  • DRUMBEAT Program National Tours, 2009 – 2011, Holyoake Institute, WA
  • Results Based Accountability (RBA), Mark Friedman, Fiscal Policy Studies, USA
  • 2nd National Rock and Water Conference, Newcastle,
  • Outreach & Integration in Family Studies, Newcastle, 2011
  • Strengths & Assets Summit, Newcastle, 2010
  • The 6th Australian Family & Community Strengths Conference & 2nd Asset Based Community Development Asia Pacific Conference, Newcastle, 2010
  • The 5th Australian Family & Community Strengths Conference & the 1st National Indigenous Family and Community Strengths Conference, 2008
  • Asset Based Community Development National Tour (ABCD), 2007
  • Inland Australian Study Tour, NT, 2008
  • The Inaugural ABCD Asia Pacific Conference, Newcastle, 2008
  • Bringing Fathers In Conference, Newcastle, 2005
  • Fathers Inclusive Practice Forum, Newcastle, 2005
  • 4th Biennial Working with Boys Building Fine Men Conference, Melbourne, 2005 (worked alongside Tulips Event Management)
  • 2nd Biennial Working with Boys, Developing Fine Men, Conference, Brisbane, 2000 (worked alongside Tulips Event Management)

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